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Quartz, granite, quartzite, and marble is our business. No matter what you are looking for, we know how to fabricate it and make it look perfect in your home. Choose from our hand selected natural stones from around the world or select a quartz from our various lines including Della Terra, Silestone, Caesarstone & Q Quartz. Visit our showroom & slab yard to view which of natures masterpiece is right for your kitchen.

Processing Slabs Into Countertops

Discover how we craft countertops from natural stone and quartz slabs.

The first step is contacting us and visiting our showroom!

We know… you want to know “how much”. The price of quartz and natural stone varies tremendously so the cost of your project will depend a lot on the color and material you choose. Create a simple sketch of your project and bring it to our showroom and we’ll work up a price on the spot. You can then walk the slab yard with your price list and see what it would cost for every color we carry. It is that simple!

Sketch your kitchen for a complimentary estimate.

For a quick estimate we make it easy. Just make a simple hand drawn sketch of your kitchen. If you have a new cabinet plan that will work too.

Select your stone... you have choices!

We carry over 80 colors of natural stone and over 200 quartz options. With your estimate in hand, walk our showroom and slab yard and find out how affordable your selection is. Remember to bring a cabinet door or drawer and flooring sample to help coordinate colors.

Countertop Options

Explore our extensive gallery of images to get inspiration for your next project.
Above is a small sample of what we carry. Please contact us to learn more about our full inventory!

Why Choose Rock-It?

Our competitors use the thinner 2cm (3/4″) thick slabs and glue on an edge to save on material cost. At Rock-It we prefer to use the thicker 3cm (1 1/4″) slabs and do away with the seam of a glued on edge. Yes, the slab costs more but the labor saved by not gluing on edges offsets the added material cost. More of your money goes into the stone and less into labor! If you are going to choose slab countertops… go with the good stuff!
We carefully select natural stone (granite, quartzite and marble) from around the world. We have over 80 colors of natural stone in stock and over 200 colors of quartz to choose from. Drop by with a sketch of your kitchen and we’ll provide you with a price for all the different options. You can then walk the slab yard with your price list and discover just how affordable our countertops are.
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